This weird and interesting series caught my attention when I saw the trailer. Matt Dillon looking beat up in a shady picturesque town. New television series don’t always pan out, but after watching the series premiere, I am intrigued. The truth seems to be buried under layers of time distortion, mental illness, government conspiracy, and God knows what else. I’ll definitely be looking at the next few episodes to see what’s happening… if for nothing else, Terrence Howard’s hilarious Sheriff Pope.

I dreamt I was on a beach. I’m watching the water coming in and going out until the water freezes still, totally solid. I walk out, climbing the icy waves. I sort of slide my way until I see the ocean frozen flat in all directions as far as I can see. Below me, under the ice, I still see the jellyfish and others swimming around. Still bigger I see whales, but they’re pure white and swimming slowly in small families. I follow them until I find a boat frozen in the ocean.

I climb up into the boat and it’s strange. The boat is ancient, full of tired forgotten things. The deck is covered in handmade nets, its giant sails rolled up. It’s a giant boat and I make my into the cabin. There are wooden cups and plates, tools and knives rusted to dust almost. I even find a map. I head below deck into the cargo hold and find a single crate laid open.

I peer inside, but despite plenty of light coming in all I see is darkness inside the box. It’s as if the box is swallowing up the light, nothing can be seen. Quickly now, I grab a hammer and nail the crate shut again. I knew that this box should never have been open. I begin to push the box, and then it seemed like I’d pushed forever and the box wouldn’t budge. I feel a weary tiredness, and look at the crate again. This time I stand back from the box, stepping slowly away I make up my mind. I take a running start and throw myself at the box full force pushing it and pushing it until I get it up the ramp and off the deck.

I watch the box fall from the edge of the deck, and just as it hits the ice it instantly melts and the box sinks. I know that the box will sink to the bottom of the ocean. I feel the boat sway with the ocean again, and the sun warm on my arms… even the air is salty again. At last, just when I feel the world can be normal again my stomach aches… what had been in the box?! Had whatever was in there already been loosed upon the world? Had I done the right thing, or worse… Then, I wake up.

Why do I have this collection of girls giving thumbs up? I have no idea. They’ve been collecting in my downloads folder a while. If you have some more why not add them below. Or if you have some of them giving peace signs that would be excellent. Today’s nonsensical post complete… over and out!






I haven’t been able to sleep properly the past few nights. The main problem was that I knew my pillows were attempting to swap places. I use two pillows to go to sleep: one is a down feather pillow, the other is a shitty normal pillow that should be sent to the fiery pits of hell. It was the second bastard pillow that kept swapping places or was otherwise instigating a positional swap with the down pillow, and it was this pillow that filled me with rage last night.

I find it highly disturbing that the shitty bastard pillow even had the ability to disagree with its place in the universe. Even worse was after waking the first time with my head on the bastard pillow, I became agitated and highly stressed that they swapped places while I was asleep. I felt almost paranoid about the intentions of the shitty pillow over the past few nights, and even now I can’t sleep.

In the early hours of this morning I had a dream that I caught the stuffy pillow, that I could somehow sense its malevolent intentions. I was enraged by the pillow’s betrayal and I ripped it nearly in half. When I suddenly awoke the room was still pitch black, I couldn’t even see my nose… but gripped in my hands was the demonic pillow and as i ran my hands over it I found a rip where the stuffing was coming out now. I murdered that bastard pillow and this weekend I will find replacements.