Wayward Pines

This weird and interesting series caught my attention when I saw the trailer. Matt Dillon looking beat up in a shady picturesque town. New television series don’t always pan out, […]

Thumbs Up! Part 2

People should be handing out thumbs up whenever the situation calls for it. Honestly, I don’t see it enough! Finally a thumbs down, because why not? Switchblade posted an alternate […]

I dreamt I was on a beach. I’m watching the water coming in and going out until the water freezes still, totally solid. I walk out, climbing the icy waves. […]

Thumbs up!

Why do I have this collection of girls giving thumbs up? I have no idea. They’ve been collecting in my downloads folder a while. If you have some more why […]

I haven’t been able to sleep properly the past few nights. The main problem was that I knew my pillows were attempting to swap places. I use two pillows to […]