I recently needed to work with Unicode and multi-byte characters in my code.  The following configuration worked great for me.  Most of it appears in the VIM wiki, and then I set the guifont properties.

if has("multi_byte")
  if &termencoding == ""
    let &termencoding = &encoding
  set encoding=utf-8
  setglobal fileencoding=utf-8 bomb
  set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,latin1
  set guifont=Lucida\ Console:h11
  set guifontwide=NSimSun:h14

You may want to play around with the fonts and sizes to suit your needs.  Remember to escape the spaces in font names.

Read also: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Working_with_Unicode

Ken and I have been talking a good deal about Super Street Fighter 4 these days and I admit, I’m excited. We’ve been playing the original SF4 Friday nights and Ken has been capturing them as part of a Street Fighter 4 Casual Fridays initiative. We’re not always on top of our game, well they are only casual matches.

We’ve fought each other a few hundred times I would say so there’s more going on that you can see… anyone that has fought a particular opponent many many times knows exactly what I mean. Below is a sample of a few of our fights, he’s got more on his channel as well. My gamertag is Gutzman and I’m the character on the right.

Anyways, anyone else getting excited about SSF4?

Ohhh Reimi!So this is the game I’ve finished most recently. I actually enjoyed it a great deal.

It took me about an hour or two in the beginning to get into it, the colors seemed weird and some of the voice acting was um.. yeah.  But the parts I really liked were the item creation and synthesis, the in-game trophies, some hilarious character interaction, and levels.

Anyways, I already wrote a little something more about this game over at LabSwitched: Small write-up at LabSwitched

So I’ve been playing a few games lately… can’t guarantee I’ll finish them, but hopefully I will.  Actually the last game I finished was Star Ocean 4, but more on that later.

Borderlands Cover


This game is remarkably fun. The characters and dialog are funny, it has tons of weapons (3,166,880! per Mtv Multiplayer), different player classes and online multiplayer.  The different player classes, tracks, weapons and multiplayer give it excellent replay value.


Silent Hill Homecoming

I remember cutting school and going home to play the original Silent Hill for the Playstation and it really creeping me out.  I missed out on a couple but decided to check this one out on recommendation.  Enjoying this one so far, I’ll give a final verdict later.

Unemployment is a brutal game. You think they’d turn the difficulty down a notch for the newbies but ever since the “Recession” patch everyone has had a hard time leveling up the job ladder.

Here’s hoping the rumored “Economic Upturn” event occurs really soon. My character is running low on funds and his “College Loan” stat is extremely high.

I read that on Kotaku and it gave me a chuckle.  Luckily, I just turned that unemployed thing around.  I’m hoping it stays that way for quite a while.