III: The Ritual (2015) 2

This was pretty strange but interesting. I wonder if anything was lost in the translation, but overall it was still enjoyable. The ending cinched it luckily.

The Wailing (2016) 4

For a movie this long the pacing felt really good. Going through the journey as the father/cop was quite interesting as he’s constantly unsure who to believe between doctors, shamans, […]

Horror Story (2013) 2.5

This movie was all over the place. It threw every horror movie trope into one movie. Mental hospital, hotel, ghosts, etc. It was interesting for the fact it’s an Indian […]

The Girl on the Train (2016) 3

This was a decent whodunit and thriller. The story coming through the damaged and sympathetic lead female was refreshing.

Passengers (2016) 3

This one has some holes in the story, but enjoyable nonetheless. It was a bit sweet and cute… light on the sci-fi.