The Dark Tower (2017) 2

I feel that this movie really didn’t reach its potential. It felt extremely abbreviated, and a waste of the talents Idris Elba, McConaughey. We never really learn anything about the […]

Midnight in Paris (2011) 4

This was very cute, very sweet. I enjoyed myself and found myself laughing freely. I sympathized with the main character right away, and strangely, I was able to understand where […]

Open Grave (2014) 2

This movie was interesting at first and had a lot going for it. The payoff at the end wasn’t quite worth it, IMHO. Can’t recommend.

Wonder Woman (2017) 3.5

This time around, DC delivered a movie along the lines of typical Marvel (MCU) blockbusters. There are genuine laughs and likable characters along with a small stable of personalities representing […]

Clown (2016) 2.5

This was a cool unique horror movie, based on a clown. The situation escalated beyond my expectations with a few interesting turns. I recommend for horror movie fans, otherwise, keep […]