Burn After Reading (2008) 3.5

This had me laughing out loud.  The general plot does not seem unfamiliar, but when every character is flawed or moronic in some way it becomes very entertaining.

The Square (2017) 3.5

Absurd and ironic in its examination of roles in social situations, this was thoroughly enjoyable.

Creep (2015) 3.5

Found footage films strike me as lazy for some reason and I do my best to avoid them. As a neophyte to the found film genre, I was surprised to find […]

The Star (2017) 2

I got to see this on Thanksgiving with Mom, Elayne, and Delaney. As it turns out this was Delaney’s first movie in the theatre. The movie was cute and simple, […]

Midnight in Paris (2011) 4

This was very cute, very sweet. I enjoyed myself and found myself laughing freely. I sympathized with the main character right away, and strangely, I was able to understand where […]