Only Yesterday (1991) 4

Wow, this was totally not what I was expecting in a good way. This is a story of a girl that doesn’t just take what life hands her. It causes […]

The Square (2017) 3.5

Absurd and ironic in its examination of roles in social situations, this was thoroughly enjoyable.

Boys in the Trees (2016) 3.5

This totally wasn’t what I expected, in a good way. I feel the film did a good job of putting things in Corey’s perspective making the journey strange and wondrous. […]

Blood Glacier (2014) 2.5

I thought this was a cool creature feature type movie. The animal combinations aren’t too various, and they’re clearly just practical effects with someone moving them around… but I still […]

From the Dark (2015) 2

Honestly, I saw this because it mentioned that it took place in the Irish countryside. I am interested in seeing something that depicts local legends there. This young couple deals […]