D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

Wow, what a game! I knew I had to get every trophy in this game as soon as I started playing it. What a genuine gem. My favorite trophies were […]

Dead Rising 2: Case West

This chapter was ok, at least you get some insight into Phenotrans. I think the best trophy was completing the whole game in Co-op. Since the game is short, it’s […]

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

What a weird and fun little game. I wish there were more beat-em-ups like this nowadays. There weren’t any achievements that stood out, so much as the game being so […]

Dead Rising 2

Whew, one of my favorite games for 360. Haha, this is so much fun to play with friends. Achievement wise I had fun taming Snowflake, collecting all the combo weapons, […]

Sleeping Dogs

This is amongst my most favorite open world games ever, probably only rivaled by Read Dead Redemption. Hm, favorite achievements? Well, it’s all about completing everything in the city. By […]

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