This is a cool game actually! I really liked how there is no real dialog, that the story is told through a series of scenes. The trophies were quite tough […]


I really liked this game, just wow! The trophies were really just progression trophies which is fine, but I really recommend this game to survival horror / science fiction fans.


This game, wow, another great one! I can’t believe it was ported from iPad… I guess game developers have more options for platform nowadays. Anyway, I really loved how certain […]

Bioshock (Remaster)

This game is one of my favorites. Even though I beat it back on Xbox 360 when it came out, and beat it again last summer on my PC, I […]

I am Setsuna

Holy crap! I wish, I really wish this game had gotten a retail release. As such, digital releases don’t command the respect from prospective players and often get passed over. […]

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