HowTo – Simple JomSocial Menu

What does it do?

This plugin has one goal: To allow you to customize the JomSocial menu items.

Adding your own menu items

Step 1. Create a Joomla menu

This is probably one of the most basic tasks for Joomla site admins. Create a new menu with the items you want to appear on the JomSocial dropdowns.

Step 2. Install the plugin

Again, this is probably one of the most basic and common taks for Joomla site admins. Upload the zip file and enable the plugin.

Step 3. Configure the plugin

The key configuration step is to select the menu created in Step 1. And that’s all you have to do. First level navigation will appear as new JomSocial menu items and any navigation items below them will appear in the dropdown.

What does it NOT do?

  • It does not put the JomSocial menu on non-JomSocial pages
  • It does not allow you to change the color or theme of the menu
  • It does not provide any SEO features

This documentation is a work in progress.