JomSocial Plugin – Simple JomSocial Menu


  • Adds an unlimited number of toolbar tabs to JomSocial using the easy-to-use Joomla menu system
  • Allows administrator to disable built in JomSocial tabs
  • GPL licensed (non-commercial as they say in Joomla land)

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This JomSocial Plugin lets you add an unlimited number of toolbar tabs by simply pointing to a Joomla menu.

Usage is real simple. The plugin has a configuration option for you to tell it which Joomla menu id to use. I recommend just making a new menu for JomSocial. Once you’ve configured that just edit the menu as you normally would. Two notes to remember… First, top level menu items appear as tabs. Second, second level menu items appear under their parent tab. Pretty simple right? Have fun.

Works with JomSocial 1.8.11


The requirements below represent the configuration used to develop and test the plugin.




Version: 0.4
Date: 2009-11-14
Author: Patrick Jones

Change Log

  • Version 0.4 – 2010-11-14
    • Handles case where removing items and no menu configured
    • Added option to remove each built in JomSocial menu item individually
  • Version 0.3 – 2010-05-04
    • Better handling of unconfigured plugins and/or menus
  • Version 0.2 – 2009-12-05
    • Simplified system to support unlimited number of tabs
    • Added ability to turn off built in tabs
  • Version 0.1 – 2009-12-05
    • Initial public release

If you’re not already using JomSocial, you should give it a try.


  1. you just saved my life ! Thx a lot, and bravo for your work !


  2. Thanks for you for such a great plugin. I was looking a few days now how to add custom menu to jomsocial and you did it. Thanks!


  3. This is a wonderful addition to Jomsocial- you won’t be disappointed!


  4. Realy great, functional plugin – not eye candy.
    Thank you.

    Can you explain – why do you not ask money for this? Of course, its philosophical question not recommendation of the movement, just interesting. Thanks for this surely ;>


    1. I’m glad you like it. Yes, I’ve been wanting to write something up on this particular topic, I hope you see something from me on this soon.


  5. Hi,

    Firstly thanks for such a great plugin! This has saved me so much work.

    I was just wondering if there was a setting, or some code which needs to be modified, so that the toolbar constantly remains on the page, despite what menu link is clicked?

    For example, I have a menu with a link to a Joomla Ticket System. However when you click the link ‘My Tickets’ (for example), the link works but the toolbar disappears. Is there a way to keep the toolbar visible, but without going through all my Components to call the toolbar?

    Many Thanks!


  6. OMG u rock, was looking for something like this..THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!


  7. Hello All,

    Yesterday i tried to integrate Jreviews on the JomSocial menu toolbar

    For this JomSocial provides multiple ways to integrate menu links as described here: Hard with API … _NonCoders Easy for Non coders … cial-menu/ Menu Plugin (links to normal joomla menu)

    I made menu items in joomla to the specific Jreviews pages i wanted and published the menu module.
    Eather way (of all three mentioned above) the links keeps returning me a 404 because the ItemID’s are changed (not the same ItemID as when i click in the published joomla menu)
    Differences in SEF URL’s:
    With plugin:

    As you guys can see JS (or this plugin?) ads ‘community’ to the url.

    Now i am wondering; are there more people facing this same issue?

    I posted this question on Jreviews forum and the following answer came out:
    “If the Itemids change, you need to ask JomSocial why that is. If you have a menu for JReviews and the menu link works, then you should be able to copy this url anywhere you want and it should continue working.”



    1. Hmm, well I can tell you I used the JRoute Joomla API call in this plugin and didn’t add “community” or any other text.

      What I can tell you is that I keep running into the same issue with Joomla. Maybe it’s some hard-wired URL (router?) behavior or some obscure configuration.


  8. I have spent several days on looking into the Jomsocial code attempting to add tabs in the users’ menu but in vain. I even cannot get enough information from the Jomsocial website. My problems are totally solved when I found your valuable plugin here. You really save much of my time and I can now proceed to the other programming work. Thank you very much for your great website and plugin.


    1. Hi, actually I’ve tested this and several folks using the module have reported back that it’s working fine for them. This is compatible with JS 1.6.


  9. Similar to Jasper:

    I am getting the same 404 error with this plugin with jreviews


  10. Nice work Patrick! Where is your donation module? I’ll buy you a pint!


  11. Patrick You ROCK!!! Thanks so much for this plugin, it just made my life easier!! I am super stoked on the this new ability that I can control.

    Quick Question – Do you foresee anything in the future that would allow admin to build in some content or components into a new tab as opposed to just re-direct to a menu item?

    Anyway, awesome job!


  12. WOW, totally awesome!

    Even a brain dead geezer like me was able to get it running and fast!

    Thanks so much!



  13. Awesome! Exactly what I needed, this was giving me SUCH a headache!

    Thanks man! :)


  14. Just what I was looking for, thanks Patrick! Only thing is that if I set a menu item as a category blog, the basic parameters don’t affect the default values of 1 leading, 2 columns etc. Is there an easy way to enable this or change them in the code somewhere? The Joomla article ordering function doesn’t seem to work either. I hope this is easy to change!
    Best wishes, David


  15. You are a god! I have banging my head against the wall for days and this plugin does exactly what I want it to. Thanks!


  16. Hi Patrick,

    I thought I’d give you an update on this plugin, particulary some bugs that I have found with it.

    The main bug is that you cannot add individual module items to individual menu items when using this plugin.

    For example:

    If I had been using the default Joomla menu (as I was) I was able to make menu links to JomSocial pages like the “profile” or “inbox” etc. Lets say that I wanted the profile page to have the “Users Online” JomSocial module published to it and that I wanted the “Activity Stream” module to just be on the inbox page. I was able to do this but now that I am using your plugin and since it’s pulling the now unpublished Joomla menu referenced above, I can’t have unique module positions across menu items. What happens is that ALL pages basically have to have the ame modules applied.

    Any work around for this?

    Thanks Patrick!


    1. If I understand the scenario you’re describing, that is normal expected behavior with Joomla/JomSocial. Until you create menu items to those JomSocial inner pages you won’t be able to pick and choose which of them has a particular module on them.

      It sounds like what you were doing before was the workaround more or less. Alternatively, and I have not investigated this personally, you may be able to do something in the templates.


  17. Do you have any documentation on how to enable and use this thing? This is by no means “simple” to use. I enable it and it adds a double menu of what jomsocial already uses for tabs..and the new tabs dont go to where they are supposed to go..and there’s no way to edit them….and what do you mean to go in and create a new jomsocial menu? How do I configure this menu?? I need documentation…thnx


    1. I think formal documentation would be really overkill on this, plus I don’t really have the time. Here are the basic steps as outlined by the screenshots.

      1. Create a new Joomla menu: There are plenty of guides on the internet on this. Just go to the Joomla menu editor, create a new menu and add your desired menu items. (An example here: )

      2. Install, Enable, and Configure this plugin: Again, an extremely common Joomla task. Once you are on the plugin configuration screen, simply select the menu created in step 1 from the drop down (Example config screen here: )

      That’s really all there is to it. Create a menu using the Joomla screens we’re all used to, then configure the plugin and let it do all the heavy lifting. I hope that helps.


  18. Hi, when I installed it at the user interface I got back this message:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/savemax/public_html/ on line 24


    1. Peter, my first inclination is that the plugin is not actually configured yet… I can make the change necessary to hide the warning though, that’s never fun to see. If you configure the plugin and still have issues feel free to use the contact form and give me more information.


      1. Hey, I am getting the same warning. Was this issue ever figured out? I look forward to getting this working properly. Thanks.


  19. This is the most brilliant plugin – thank you and good work!


  20. Hi, Just want to say thanky for making such a brilliant plugin for JomSocial (ie Simple JomSocial Menu) Within 5 min of installing it i had recreated my complete members menu module & moved it over to the JomSocial menu area. The only problem i encountered was the drop down sub menu links, which were appearing in green rather than black…but after reading one of the posts above, i sorted that that out very quickly by simply making my sub menu drop down links as Joomla external links!


  21. Hi Patrick,
    I installed JomSocial this weekend as a trial period for 1 month.
    I found your Plugin, installed it and got it ti work, but…
    JomSocial version i use is 1.8.11
    When i use your plugin i get 2 Home buttons, if i ‘Hide’ the home toolbar i still see a ‘Home’ toolbar, when ik click it i get a blank page?
    Is your plugin not compatible with the last version maybe?


    1. As far as I know, this plugin continues to work with the most up to date versions of Jomsocial. That being said, the best I can guess is that it’s hiding Jomsocial’s Home button and adding the Home menu item in your custom menu… Is it taking you to the URL you are expecting? Confirm that the menu you created and all of it links works properly outside of jomsocial.


  22. How would I change the order in which my custom menu group is on the jomsocial menu?


    1. This plugin just appends your custom menu to the end of the regular jomsocial one. To get the behavior you want you could hide all of their default links and put them in your custom menu wherever you see fit. This has been implemented on a number of sites using this plugin.


      1. Thanks, thats great! I’ll see what I can do.


        1. Sorry bout this but how would I put the links in the custom menu?

        2. The same way you manage any other menu in Joomla. First you create a menu using the Joomla backend, then you select that menu from the drop down on the plugin configuration screen. Does that make sense?

        3. Ah, I was actually wondering how I’d get the Jomsocial Links? Like Inbox and stuff?

  23. Hello Patrick,
    I’m having this error after disabling one of the tabs.
    Fatal error: Call to a member function removeGroup() on a non-object in /home/username/public_html/ on line 51

    Also I was hoping you could add a feature to remove items in the default tabs (like ‘Browse Applications’ or ‘Groups’) because tab items like these I really need to disable!
    Any help?



    1. Alright, so I’ve updated the plugin so that error will no longer occur. I’ve also added the option to configure each built in JomSocial menu item individually. Version 0.4 is available now.


  24. Thank you for this plugin and for making it free !

    Morad Echarkaoui


  25. Just a question,

    Extensions that add their buttons to the toolbar, what will happen with them? will they be added normally?

    For example php8bb blogomunity phpbb integration does that, adding moderation tools and so, will this button be added same way? It may be a bit hard to add them on menu, as it checks if you have mod privileges, etc…


    1. Great question. This will interact with other plugins that use the toolbar api just fine. It doesn’t take the menu over or anything. That being said, you won’t be able to add/remove items from the php8bb menu with this plugin, but you could add additional dropdowns. I hope that makes sense, and if you give it a try I think it will make more sense.


      1. Awesome. Thanks.
        I will try it in some days, I’m working on a “revision” of the site, and will not replace till finished ;)
        What you mean I can add more entries? how? I create a menuitem placeholder with same name as the one created by the bridge and submenus on it?


  26. So I am trying to copy my top menu onto my jomsocial menu. 2 things:

    1. I have to publish the top menu for the plugin to work (then what’s the point if I have the same menu repeated twice? (one as a top menu and again in the jomsocial menu)
    2. My newly-copied top menu items in the jomsocial meu won’t work. Always get the result: “Oops! This link appears to be broken.”

    help please!


    1. Hi Kourosh,

      I think there may be some confusion over what to use this module for. First, you would probably make a new menu with menu items specifically for use in the JomSocial menu, this should solve the confusion and duplicate menu items.

      Now, as far as debugging #2 we need more information. Such as, JomSocial version, Joomla version, anything that could be useful. Keep in mind I have not tested this on Joomla 1.6, or on newer versions of JomSocial.



  27. I have downloaded and installed the plugin, but I can’t see anywhere to configure it.


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