Did You Know? Sitecore: How to recover a deleted item

It happens all the time, someone deleted an item by mistake. Whether it’s your content author, your customer, or yourself, you’ll need to undelete or recover a deleted item. Here’s how it’s done. If you’re a Sitecore 6 or 7 user, scroll down to that section.

Sitecore 8

Sitecore 8’s Launchpad provides a new way to access the Recycle Bin. From the launchpad just click the Recycle Bin app to access it.


If instead you’re already in the Desktop mode or are used to that, hit the Sitecore menu and click the Recycle Bin app from the right hand side.


Once you’ve launched the Sitecore Recycle Bin, navigate to your item, select it, and choose “Restore” from the top.


Still on Sitecore 6 or 7?

When logging in select the Desktop view.


From the Sitecore menu select the recycle bin from the right side.


Navigate to the item you wish to recover, select it, and hit “Recover” at the top of the app. Your item is now recovered.


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