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It’s funny how almost all the controls we end up building are a list of something. In Sitecore that means lists of Items! If you are doing WebForms you have become familiar with the <asp:Repeater /> control, and might have some solutions for binding FieldRenderer or <sc:Text /> controls. I’ve found that a custom Repeater control that binds child FieldControls (sc:Text, sc:Image, sc:Date, etc.) automatically has reduced my code and time spent slogging through all the controls necessary to build out a site.

Take for example the following usage assuming an IEnumerable<Item> or IQueryable<Item> was bound to the Repeater


That is a simple example of how I often see FieldControls binded. An even more extreme case would be to not use FieldControls at all, to set the content for the HtmlGenericControls in the ItemDataBound event.

When it’s time to output my data I don’t want anything getting in my way, so I chose the following approach: Set up a simple ItemRepeater class that extends Repeater and autobinds child FieldControls without an Item set for you. Check out the example usage:


Just set the DataSource and you’re done, that’s how I like it. Check out the class below that takes care of the lifting.

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