June 2013

Task: Make the Hybrid Leviathan Theme Responsive My site uses the Leviathan theme and I wanted to make it responsive. Why? Because the text is too damn small to read […]

AnimeDNA The Survey Corps

I’ve been watching and enjoying Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). I decided recently to create a little fansite for it which you will find over at http://www.thesurveycorps.com Let me […]

Thumbs up!

Why do I have this collection of girls giving thumbs up? I have no idea. They’ve been collecting in my downloads folder a while. If you have some more why […]

I haven’t been able to sleep properly the past few nights. The main problem was that I knew my pillows were attempting to swap places. I use two pillows to […]

Recently there was a question on StackOverflow asking about improving the performance of their Sitecore implementation. Here are some things you can consider without changing overall architecture of your deployment […]