Gotham City Impostors Gamercard

So I’ve been playing a lot of Gotham City Impostors, which is very fun. I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice if there were a gamercard available for it that you could easily post. It’s rough and simple right now, but I’m looking for feedback!

To use, simply use the following url when inserting an image “” – replace wbid with your wbid!
Here are a few examples:

Some of the ideas floating around for modifications are:

  • Emblem
  • K/D ratio
  • Win/Lose ratio
  • Healing amount
  • Total kills
  • Total deaths
  • Vertical style with larger calling card

Anyone have design suggestions? I’m a programmer not a designer, so take that as a call for help. Ideas for stats to pull? Let me know!

Also, I play this for Xbox 360 and am looking for people to play with who are interesting in playing to the objectives, or will at least not go Leroy Jenkins on us. My Gamertag is “Gutzman” and my WBID is “patrickmjones”. Feel free to add me on either.


  1. This shit is very nice man. Thanks again for your help implementing it on BatsAndJokerz. I am gonna run a full site back up again tonight and I will see check you tomorrow.


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