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27 responses to “jQuery.noConflict() – Multiple Javascript Libraries”

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  2. Edward

    After visiting many jQuery no conflict articles, yours was simple and straightforward. Worked. Thanks!

  3. Andy

    I ran into a conflict of 2 libraries, did a few hours of researching and this was the only solution that worked for me. I don’t quite understand it being new to jQuery, but it works! I’ll drop a line in my code comments back to your site. Much appreciated.

  4. Todd Swope

    This solution is concise, elegant, and easy to implement. Thank you!!!

  5. Anitha Reghunathan

    Thanks a bunch….this solves all my problems… u’re a life saver…

  6. tamara

    the simplest solution ever, thx a LOT!!! :)

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  8. Marc

    Kick ass! Thanks boss

  9. Andrea Bizioli

    Simply, elegant, working solution. Thanks man!

  10. Nate

    You definitely saved my ass today. Thanks!

  11. AG

    F’kn awesome stuff…was pulling my hair our big time on this one…thanks a lot!!! :)

  12. Reynardt

    Dude, your a genious!!!!! This has been driving me crazy. Thank you so much!

  13. saeid

    Seems like you are missing a “)” in your code… See below for fixed version

    $(document).ready(function() {
    // Do awesome stuff…

    1. patrickmjones

      Thanks! I’ve updated the code sample.

  14. Adam

    I burned through an entire day trying to figure out how to use the jquery.noconflict() function. Then, I finally found this gem!!! Thank you so much!!!

  15. Thommy

    Thanks you very much. work perfect and is easy to implement

  16. steveW

    May someone explain how can i use this function. Where do i put the libraries ?

  17. danny

    It worked. So simple it was complicated.
    If you were in Albuquerque, NM I would buy you a beer.

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.


  18. Mayur

    This was driving me crazy. Genius you are!
    You definitely saved my ass.

    Thanks so much :)

  19. Chelsy

    Lifesaver, THANK YOU!

  20. Burleson

    Nice solution. Simple, makes sense, no bs.
    Thanks bud.

  21. Suz

    Dude, you have saved me hours of figuring this one out. Awesome job.. Thanks.. xxx


    Oh man! This is BRILLIANT!.

  23. Xenia

    similar story to others above, i think you are awesome, thanks so much!!

  24. CuriousCurls

    Man, this may seem an old thread but it saved me! Thanks a lot bro, you’re definitely a genius!

  25. Joel

    Finally, after 3 days of research, not only the simplest but also the only satisfying solution!
    Thanks Dude!

  26. shrijeet

    Thank you, Your solution was simple.Thanks Man. :)

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